pit weighbridge

Pit weighbridge manufacturer

At our facility, precision engineering meets skilled craftsmanship to produce a range of exceptional products, including the Pit Mounted Weigh Bridge. This specially designed weigh bridge is ideal for locations with space constraints, offering a shallow pit or pit-mounted configuration. With a rich history spanning over five decades, this time-tested design features heavy-duty girders supported by transoms that evenly distribute loads onto load cells, ensuring reliable and accurate measurements.


  1. Space-Efficient Design: When space is at a premium, our pit-mounted weigh bridge is the perfect solution, providing a compact and efficient weighing system.
  2. Robust Construction: Heavy-duty girders along the length of the weigh bridge provide exceptional strength and durability, capable of withstanding years of heavy use.
  3. Flush Installation: The weigh bridge is seamlessly flushed with the floor level, allowing smooth movement of vehicles and materials, while also enhancing safety.
  4. High-Quality Load Cells: Hermetically sealed, IP68-rated, double-ended shear beam load cells are used in our weigh bridges, mounted on sophisticated mounting blocks to eliminate side loading, impact loading, and cell rotation, ensuring lifetime reliability and top-class accuracy.
  5. Dual-Display Indicator: The microprocessor-based electronic indicator features dual display windows. The primary window shows weight in bright red, while the secondary window displays parameter settings in a cool backlit LCD. It’s user-friendly and can be connected to a computer keyboard for ease of operation.
  6. Data Connectivity: With built-in RS-232 communication, the intelligent terminal can interface with a PC or peripheral devices like printers. The printer generates tickets with details including time, date, first weight, second weight, automatic net weight, vehicle ID, product ID, and more.
  7. Customized Software: Our software team offers tailored solutions to meet your specific weight processing needs, ensuring seamless integration into your operations.
  8. Weatherproof Junction Box: The weatherproof junction box provides additional protection against voltage and current surges, ensuring system reliability.
  9. Warranty: We stand by the pit weighbridge manufacturer quality of our products, offering a one-year guarantee against normal wear and tear on the weighbridge, load cells, and indicator.

Pit weighbridge manufacturer

Manufacturers of pit weighbridge manufacturer cater to various industries and applications where accurate and reliable weighing of vehicles and goods is essential. Here are common applications for pit weighbridges and how manufacturers serve these needs:

1. Logistics and Transportation:

  1. Application: Weighing trucks and freight for accurate load measurement.
  2. Manufacturer’s Role: Designing and producing pit weighbridges with robust structures  pit weighbridge manufacturer and accurate weighing systems to ensure precise measurements for transportation and logistics companies.

2. Manufacturing and Production Plants:

  1. Application: Weighing raw materials and finished goods for inventory management.
  2. Manufacturer’s Role: Providing pit weighbridges suitable for industrial environments, often with durable materials and advanced weighing technology to meet the demands of manufacturing processes.

3. Mining and Quarrying:

  1. Application: Weighing trucks transporting extracted minerals.
  2. Manufacturer’s Role: Designing heavy-duty pit weighbridges capable of handling the substantial loads typical in the mining and quarrying industries, ensuring accurate measurement.


  • Weigh Bridge Type: Digital, Surface Mounted (Pit Less)
  • Weighing Capacity: 30 t to 150 t
  • Standard Platform Sizes: 7.5×3 m, 9×3 m, 12×3 m, 18×3 m
  • Customized Platform Size: Tailored designs available for off-road weigh bridges
  • Weight Terminal: Microcontroller-Based Intelligent Terminal
  • Power Source: 90 V – 270 V AC @ 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Memory: Stores up to 1530 records, depending on programmed options
  • Display: LED weigh display and 16×2 backlit LCD for parameter display
  • Input: IBM AT-type keyboard
  • Output Interface: RS 232 C for computer or printer interface
  • Printer Interface: Directly connect to a printer for comprehensive printouts
  • Operating Temperature: 10℃ ~ 55℃
  • Reports: Date-wise, RST-wise, and all 5 entries-wise reporting options
  • Measurement Type: Double-ended shear beam load cells, analog or digital
  • Software Options: Choose from standard software or customize to your needs
  • Options: Includes jumbo display for enhanced visibility