portable weighbridge

portable weighbridge

The ‘PortaWeigh’ is a heavy-duty and easy-to-install weighbridge. Unlike conventional weighbridges, it doesn’t require a foundation; a hard core base or existing hard standing is sufficient.

Additionally, the steel ramps are connected to the sub-base, allowing easy access onto and off the weighbridge. These combined features make the portable weighbridge the world’s first truly portable weighbridge. It can even be pre-calibrated before delivery, making it ready for use upon arrival.

The portable weighbridge’ is exclusively designed for mines, harbors, clearing agents, and construction operators. Its superior design makes it resistant to the harshest of conditions. The weighbridge is literally ready for use following off-loading, requiring no calibration or specialized labor.


  • Load Cell: Hermetically sealed, IP68-rated, high-quality steel, double-ended shear beam load cells used in weighbridges.
  • Mounting Blocks: Sophisticated mounting blocks eliminate side loading, impact loading, and rotation of the load cell for enhanced reliability and accuracy.
  • Electronic Indicator: Microprocessor-based with two display windows – one displaying weight in bright red color and the other showing parameter settings in a cool backlit LCD.
  • User-Friendly: Easily operated with any computer keyboard.
  • RS-232 Communication: Built-in for interfacing with a PC or other peripherals like printers.
  • Printer Output: Generates printouts on a ticket with Time, Date, First Weight, Second Weight, Automatic Nett Weight, Vehicle ID, Product ID, and more.
  • Customized Software: software team provides customized software solutions for specific weight processing requirements.
  • Weatherproof Junction Box: Offers protection against voltage and current surges.
  • Warranty: The weighbridge and all ancillaries, including Load Cells and Indicator, are fully guaranteed for normal wear and tear for a period of 1 year.


Weigh Bridge Type Digital ,Surface Mounted ( Pit Less) Weigh Bridge
Weighing Capacity 30 t  to 150 t
Standard Platform Sizes 7.5×3 m,9×3 m,12x3m,18x3m
Customised Platform Size For Off Road Weigh Bridges Custom made designs
Weight Terminal Microcontroller Based Intelligent Terminal
Power Source 90 V -270 V AC @ 50 Hz/ 60 Hz.
Memory 1530 records, depending on options programmed.
Display Led Weigh Display and   16×2  Back Lit LCD for Parameter Display
Input Keyboard IBM AT Type
Output Interface RS 232 C For Computer or Printer Interface
Output Interface Printer Interface
Printout Can Directly Connect to printer, The Printer will generate a printout on a Ticket with Time, Date, First Weight, Second Weight, Automatic Nett Weight, Vehicle ID, Product ID and other options.
Operating Temperature 10℃ ~ 55℃
Reports Date wise, RST wise and all 5 entries wise for full & pending report.
Measurement Type Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cells , Analog or Digital.
Software Optional Standard Software & Customized Software Available
Options Jumbo Display